Get Crafty with Custom Popcorn!

Create your Gift Bucket or Burlap bag!

Wow your clients, coworkers, friends, and family with the gift of Craft Corn!

You click, we ship! We will include your personalized gift tag on each Gift.

Customize Your Gift


Curate Standout Popcorn Gifts

(Stress-free experience!)

Affordable way to provide elevated, branded gifts.

Add your branding with personalized gift tags and stickers that match your budget!

Variety of bag sizes and specialty item options, such as local honey, Perrier, and much more...

Please reach out to to discuss your vision!

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About Craft Corn

We're a small, female-owned family business with a passion for creating delicious gourmet popcorn.

Living in coastal San Diego, we wanted our popcorn to have flavors that inspire our way of life

With flavors like Churro and Watermelon Tajin, you'll be transported to that SoCal beach boardwalk feeling.

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